For returnee and foreign students

Sakuragaoka Setagaya City Middle School (Setagaya Sakuragaoka Middle School) is a public Japanese Middle School founded in 1948. It is located on Setagaya Ward in the central of Tokyo. Setagaya Sakuragaoka Middle School is ranked among the top public middle schools in Japan.


We cater to the needs of returnee students, i.e. Japanese students who have lived and studied overseas and foreign students. Such students often have difficulty fitting into the Japanese education system. Setagaya Sakuragaoka Middle School provides a supportive environment for them and over the years has accepted returnees and foreign students from more than 30 countries. Over 12% of the students in every grade are returnees. They study alongside the 90% who have received all their education in Japan through the Japanese education system. By encountering and accepting new values and cultural differences, students develop their potential to become future leaders of the international community.


The Japanese academic year begins in April and ends in March
 April - mid-July (Term 1)
 September - December (Term 2)
 January - March (Term 3)